A downloadable game for Windows

This is a Game developped for Leap Motion 3D JAM 2015 by ISVR from China.

With Leap Motion and Oculus, you can play a Rock-Paper-Scissors game with your hand.

There are different enemies which you need to make different hand gestures to fight with them.

This is an early Demo, with 2 modes (classic and endless) avaible.

how to play:

Aim the enemies with your eye, and make ur hand guesture to win them.


please attach your leapmotion on front side of your Oculus.

Install instructions

you need to have a leap motion and oculus for this game.

please attach your leapmotion on your oculus to play the game.


RPS-Island.rar 120 MB


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looks really fun!

我是Open Track那边Zombies Shall Not Pass!的开发者。

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Big Cong!! 发现你们是国内的朋友啊,恭喜~ 微博互粉一下么?

That's a beautiful idea! Awesome!

Are you using a customized hand model?


yeah, we replaced the hand model with our own model, hope u like it :P

Absolutely! Is there any tutorial for rigging leap motion hand model? I was stuck when I tried to make one... the fingers just stick together in Unity...

we replaced model based on the hand from asset library, yeah, it took several days for us to make it works correct.

maybe u can find solution from this page: https://developer.leapmotion.com/documentation/uni...

btw, does our game work correctly on ur PC? no errors i hope?

Thx! Yep, it works fine. XD